What Are Important Interior Design Skills That a New Designer Needs to Succeed in the Field?

By: GeraldJenkins

There are some important interior design skills that are required if you want to be a success in the field. This is one field where many things are required all together in order to be a success. The main job of an interior designer is to have a penchant for beauty. In other words, an interior designer is also an artist.

The interior designer also needs to know how to handle his/her business commitments. So he/she is also a business professional. There are a lot of things one needs to be good at if he/she wants to be an interior designer. Designing and sketching are the basic skills needed.

In addition to these, an interior designer also needs to be able to arrange space attractively to suit different items. However this is not the end. An interior designing skill is to be able to shop for household accessories and furniture. Thus if you seek an exciting career and are apt at doing a lot of things together, then the interior designing career is meant for you.

A job in this field means a lot of travel. You will also need to work with a lot of people. But this is where the glamour part ends. Interior designers have also to be able to juggle client relationships, budgets and people all together. At the same time, they have to continue designing spaces which are functional and attractive; while, they also follow safety and building codes.

Thus the two most important interior design skills are business knowledge and organizational skills. This has to be accompanied by artistic ability and great taste. Thus it is not much of a surprise to find that professional certification is becoming very important in becoming an interior designer. Some states also have certain licensure requirements for practicing new designers.


Artistic ability is the first and foremost interior design skill needed to success in the field. To get good offers, you have to first do sketches of the way you propose a space to be designed and then show it. In this respect, it might help to take some CAD training. This is one way in which you learn to draw designs through the computer using three and two dimensional figures. This is not where the whole trip ends.

For it to be a success, you have to complement the design with apt materials, furniture and colors. In fact, you also have to be able to choose the correct materials for your designs as well. But this is not all. All this will have to be accompanied by the client’s requirements for accessibility, durability and function.

In addition to this, you should be able to work in harmony with a variety of people that is you need to be a team player. Electricians, plumbers and architects coupled with clients have to be managed by you, so be careful. The whole work has to be completed within a specified timeline as well as within the budget.

Thus organizational skills are also important interior design skills. The whole process will have to be documented as well as track of the products kept and the negotiations and contracts have also to be managed by you. In addition, you need to have a sound knowledge of safety and building codes so that your design does not face any legal obstacles.