Interior Design Career Resources – Get Started in Interior Design

By: GeraldJenkins

If you’ve always dreamed of aesthetically planning out the decoration of interiors of different buildings, then interior designing is the career for you. Moreover, if you have an eye for detail and a good sense of color and combinations, then you’ll definitely fit the bill for this job. Moreover, what could be more satisfying than playing around with colors, lighting, furniture and space to decorate a building beautifully?

Kind of Work

An interior designer, as has already been stated, chooses a color palette, works with it to select appropriate furniture which goes well with it, selects art pieces and finally, arranges the lighting to complement the interior of a building.

As you can imagine, the possibilities in this field are endless. As an interior designer, you can decorate and plan out the interiors of not only residential buildings and apartments; you also get to decorate the interiors of hotels, restaurants, malls, churches, schools, hospitals, airport terminals and theaters.

Interior designing is not as easy as it sounds though. You must understand the basics of civil and mechanical engineering, as well as possess some technical knowledge about plumbing and electricity connections. Reading blueprints, comprehending fire codes and a thorough knowledge of construction requirements are an absolute.

You might even branch out and specialize in one particular area or design one particular type of building such as offices or even hospitals. There are interior designers who specialize in lighting, kitchen and bath design or closet designs etc. Designers of more technical bent of mind can also specialize in acoustics, security and noise abatement.

Work Environment

As an interior designer, you may work freelance or you may be attached to some design firm. If you have a job as in interior designer, then you work regular hours and get to take home a fixed salary every month. Freelancing is something only experienced interior designers should do and you can work in the comfort of your own office or home. Working hours also may vary according to your convenience.

Latest Update

Recently, three branches of interior designing – green design, elder design and ergonomic design have gained tremendous popularity. Ergonomic design involves designing spaces which will emphasize good posture hence minimizing body strain, elder design involves designing environments which allow seniors and disabled people to move around comfortably and green designing in eco-friendly designing. This is a flourishing field, so an interior designer career is definitely an option for creative people.