What to eat in Old Delhi

By: GeraldJenkins

Old Delhi, also known as the walled city, is considered the heart of the capital of India. The place has a rich history to its credit laced with tales of Mughals and their manners. When it comes to the older part of the metropolitan, you are bound to picture narrow lanes and good food. The settlement is famous worldwide for its lip smacking offerings and is definitely any food lover’s paradise. Following is a list of delicacies you must indulge in when in the city.

What to eat in Old Delhi What to eat in Old Delhi1

Seekh Kebab: Some swear that the streets of Old Delhi offer the best seekh kebabs known to man. Every Indian owes Mughals for the ultimate delight that this dish is. It is made by grilling meat on a skewer and is served hot with green chutney and onion rings. Ustad Moinuddin Kebabs, Ghalib Kebab Corner and Karim’s are the places to be for this treat.

Nihari: The mouth-watering aroma of Nihari is an indispensable part of the walled city. It consists of meat cooked in a broth of strongly flavoured spices. Nihari is considered the ideal winter breakfast by many alongside tandoori rotis. Haji Sharbati Nihari Wale, Monis Kada hotel and Saeed Nihari are some of the restaurants serving the best nihari in the area.

Chicken Tikka: A dish made by marinating boneless pieces of chicken in yogurt along with spices and roasting them in a tandoor, is as tasty as it gets. From the fancy hotels in Delhi to its street side restaurants, you get this dish everywhere. The most promising places to try chicken tikka in Old Delhi are those of Aslam’s and Karim’s. The taste of their juicy chicken tikkas will definitely stick with you for a lifetime.

Parantha: If you thought non vegetarian delights are all that Old Delhi offers, you now know better. The place does not disappoint you at all when it comes to good vegetarian treats. Parantha, a fried Indian bread, is one of most popular foods of the country. Aloo Parantha, Gobi Parantha, Muli Parantha, Daal Parantha and Paneer Parantha are its various types among many others. In fact, there is an entire street that serves various types of paranthas in Chandni Chowk known as ‘Paranthe Wali Gali’

Kulfi Falooda: Old Delhi demands that you take a break from the usual desserts and try kulfi with falooda. Kulfi is India’s interesting version of an ice cream while falooda consists of vermicelli noodles in flavoured sugar syrup. They taste delectable when served together. Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi Wale, without a doubt, offers the best kulfi in town.