How to choose hardware or fastener packing machine ?

By: GeraldJenkins


We are manufacturer of hardware and fastener packing machine for 15 years. We have different kinds of counter or weigher packing machine for screw nut bolt washer nails in furniture kit , bathroon hardware parts , small plastic parts ,pipe fitting , fastener industry .

No matter what’s your industry you can choose the suitable packing machine according to the below 2 steps.This kind of machine is made of 2 parts , dosing device +packing machine, we will assemble different kinds of dosing device and packing machine together according to your exactly spare parts size , the weight or quantity range per bag /box, capacity requirement , accuracy requirement ,the package style like the pouch , box , carton , fully automatic or semi automatic , so let me know your these information and requirement so we can introduce the machine for you.

First , do you prefer to counter machine or weigher machine? Normally counter machine is high accuracy (1/1000 according to quantity ) and able to mix different kinds of part into same bag , but disadvantage is that speed is slower , output speed of vibrating hopper is 100~300 pcs/min. Weigher is faster about 10~30 bag/min if quantity is 20~10000 pcs or weight range is 20 ~10000g , one machine is able to weighing and pack different kinds of small parts , the disadvantage is that there will be about 1~3 pcs more per bag, unable to mix different parts into bag . There is another counter machine with camera is your another choose . High accuracy 1/10000~2/1000 according to different parts, speed is about 5~15 bag/min if quantity is 20~10000 pcs , same machine is able to pack different kinds of parts at different time, cost higher than normal counter machine.

If you choose normal counter machine, the quantity of hopper you need is according to how many different kinds of parts you want to pack in the same bag . For example if 7 different kinds of parts like screw nut bolt washer then you have to use 7 hoppers , if you have different mix options then we need to check if it’s able to pack with same machine or add more hoppers .

If you choose the weighing machine, there is linear weigher , 10 head multihead weigher and single hopper weigher according to your speed requirement.

If you choose the counter machine with camera , there is small middle bigger model according to your quantity range and speed requirement as well as your parts size.

Second you need to choose the packing machine?

There is bag packing machine, or box/carton sealing machine. For the bag packing machine,there are about 8 kinds of different model according to your pouch width and weight range, like 40~150mm,80~200mm,80~300mm…

If you choose box machine, we have different kinds of machine model according to your box style , ck-bottom or box sealing with glue , the box size range .

If you choose carton machine, we need to know the thickness and dimension range of your carton as well as the carton style. Different machine for different requirement.

After we confirm the 2 parts of machine ,there are some optional device .

Feeder device : it’s aim to feeder the small parts into counter or weigher device so save the labor cost , or you need to add the parts in 1 ~5 mins. The feeder style is according to the dosing machine you choose.

Finished conveyor: It will send your finished parts to your workable so save the labor who need to pick up the finished parts all time.

Printer or label : It will printer or stick the label on the pouch or box with the production information or code  as well as logo. There is robbin printer , inject printer ,label machine according to your content and size range.

End Weigher : It will get rid of bag or box which quantity or weight is out of your tolerance .