Here are the things that you need to look for in an ideal function room

By: GeraldJenkins

Regardless of the event, there are some important factors to consider when choosing a function room in Singapore. The right venue has the perfect look and feel that can help set the mood of your guests. On the other hand, the wrong one leaves the guests bored or the event feeling flat. When making your choice for your next function room in Singapore, be sure to take these important aspects into consideration to ensure your event’s success:


It’s no longer a question whether you want a spacious venue or not. Of course you want a function room where all your guests can comfortably move around. But you also don’t want to rent a venue so huge that your party gets lost in it. To ensure that you have the right venue size, hire a function room that is large enough to host your gathering. Consider the activities during the event, whether there will be a bar, a dance floor, a stage, a projector screen, and any other materials that could take up space. You also need to check how many tables and chairs will fit comfortably in the venue.


If your preferred venue is welcoming, inviting, and beautiful in its own right, then you have selected an ideal function room with impeccable aesthetics. However, no matter how attractive the place is, it must also complement the theme and vibe of your event. A party with a Hawaiian luau theme will not impress your guests if it is held in an indoor ice rink. The same is true if you are hosting a wedding reception with a white and old rose motif, then a venue that has ruby red decors may not be the best choice. So before you even agree with booking the function room, be sure the area fits or can be customized to fit your needs and theme. Personalising it will also give you more advantage to ensure that every aspect of the design will appear as you have envisioned it.


Leasing a venue with a convenient location can mean different things for different parties. In case you have an event with guests residing within a limited geographic range, a function room within a convenient distance from most guests’ offices or homes will be ideal. If the attendees will be from out of town, hosting your event at a venue near their hotels or the airport will be beneficial. Be sure to select a venue that’s easy to find so guests won’t have a hard time locating it. Ample parking or access to trams or buses should also be considered.

The Food

Having a wide selection of food and drink brings you peace of mind that your guests will be able to find food options that they will enjoy. Choose an experienced caterer who can make the proper dishes on the menu, and serve each at the right temperature. If possible, the linens, dishes and other dining accessories should also be provided by the staff members of the menu to help save time when preparing.

When planning an event, choosing a venue is definitely one of the most delicate decisions you will face. Aside from doing research, you might also want to ask other professionals’ advice on what is the most recommended event venue in your area. This exchange of information through peer-to-peer sessions or networking helps ensure the event’s success. For more information about function rooms in Singapore, get in touch with Marina at Keppel Bay. They have the expertise that you need to help you find the type of function room that matches your needs. Visit their website now!