How to check plagiarism of a paper/thesis as a whole for free

By: GeraldJenkins

It is common knowledge that the best plagiarism checking software comes at a cost. The free checkers limit the number of words that you can check or the number of words that you can run.

The way to check plagiarism of a paper/thesis as a whole for free is to find other the plagiarism checker where that university uses. It is a trend by the universities to sign up on a plagiarism checker at its cost as corporate account holders.

 Universities usually sign up to one of these tools. uses Google Scholar search results in its effort to detect similarity in the content. It can recognize over 10 billion best custom essay writing services search engine results according to its claims. You can use it from its website or through a windows application. offer a free trial of 1000 words hence you can use it to test a paper for plagiarism if it does not exceed this length.  For a long piece such as a thesis that exceeds 1000 words, you can be examining small sections of the work until you complete.  If your university has signed for paid service, you will use login credentials to test your text as a whole.

A unique thing about this software is that it shows the user how to correct and avoid plagiarism. For the free and membership options, checks the content by going through one sentence at a time to allow examining of each match individually. It will enable shows if the plagiarizing of text is in part or a whole.

Many universities use Turnitin for plagiarism detection because it is a reliable tool for detecting similarities between strings for an assignment or research work. It contains a vast database of research works and can find similarities in new content with previous works.  An important thing to have in mind when you use Turnitin is that it is always an extensive plagiarism checker depending on the settings that the teacher uses. It focuses more on showing results of possible similarities with the previously submitted work.

MOSS (Measure of Software Similarity)

MOSS is a tool that is specific to the available task. MOSS   could be the best plagiarism checker for detecting plagiarism in programs and software codes. It is a creation of Stanford labs and has been in use since 1994.  MOSS has since its inception been in use in research works and classrooms to detect any similarity in code.

Grammarly is among the best companies that work closely with education and other industries. Hundreds of schools, universities, and companies use Grammarly for plagiarism checking, learning English Grammar and proofreading. You can access it free if your university has a membership and allows students to access it. Academic institutions like Grammarly because it is an excellent database with learning algorithms that improve with time and to enable users to enhance their writing skills.

Plagiarism Checker X

This tool is an alternative to Turnitin with cool features for university or college professors and students. It is the only plagiarism checking tool that allows offline check after two successive checks. You can try a free version for testing waters before upgrading to premium at less than $40. This is a lifetime cost. Many universities use it as a standard tool. Some of the features of a plagiarism checker are:

  • Side by side comparison
  • Multiple language support
  • Automatic citation

Make a point of finding the software that your institution uses and the process to get access for you to use it for checking plagiarism of your paper or thesis as a whole for free.

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