Application of Preparation Microcement and Finish Microcement

By: GeraldJenkins


Micro-cement is a coating that is used in a number of layers, as well as it is necessary to distinguish between both kinds of product, according to their feature: Prep work Microcement e.g. the first one utilized to problem the support, as well as Finish Micro-cement which will certainly offer the final appearance. Within the variety of completing.

Micro-cements there are different structures: Microfino, Microdeck, Microstone as well as Aquaciment M or F. Each product has its own qualities as well as devices for functioning it.

Preparation Micro-cement:

Application of Microbase or in swimming pools, Aquecimento XL.

The mixture ought to be used in 2 layers through a steel trowel in optimum layers of 1 mm. The mixing proportions of the Quick Guide need to always be appreciated.

In between coats, allow a drying time of 1 day. Sand each layer with a 40-grit sandpaper to remove irregularities. Waiting as well as long will make the work more expensive. If an uneven surface area is left, it will make complex the application of the next layer, leaving marks on the surface.

Allow to completely dry for 24-hour prior to applying the ending up microcement.

Finish Micro-cement:

Microfino Application

Microfono is applied over Microbase in a couple of layers, with a rubber trowel or versatile steel one, according to the preferred decorative result.

The mixing proportions of the Quick Guide should always be valued.

In between layers, permit a drying out time of 3 hrs. Sand by hand, or with a rotary-orbital sanding equipment, with sandpaper from 120 to 220. If sanding is done on the very same day as the fine Microcement application, the mortar will certainly still be fresh, as well as 220 grit sandpaper might be used. The covering will be harder the complying with day, as well as sanding with grit sandpaper 120 is a good idea. Do not surpass a finish thickness of 0.3 mm when applying the Microfino.

Microstone Application

Apply Microstone on Microbase in 2 coats with a flexible steel trowel. For this type of application preparation of the assistance or substratum with one layer of Microbase will certainly be enough. The mixing percentages of the Quick Guide have to constantly be valued. Use of 40 grit sandpaper will certainly get rid of irregularities.

Do not exceed an application thickness per layer of 1mm when applying Microstone. A total least density of 2 to 3mm is recommended.

” Fresh on fresh” Application technique for a uniform surface.

The application technique that can be made use of with Microfino, Microdeck as well as Microstone two-component Micro-cements is to apply the 2nd layer as soon as the initial one stops being ” gaudy” (that is to say: as soon as the recently used Micro-cement quits adhering to the fingers when touched). The very first layer does not require sanding, thus saving material and also working time.

In the event of burrs or lumps, these might be eliminated with the help of a spatula to cut off any sticking out product. On the ground, this strategy must be undertaken on extruded polystyrene boards (cork).

Work Teams Coordination

In works of a specific magnitude, when the coating Micro-cements are related to floorings, the coordination of the workers to enable them to do their tasks should be taken into consideration, so the job is performed in series and without any hold-ups.

The appropriate strategy would be to start with the space farthest from the leave of the residence or facilities, as well as additionally, to begin at the edge opposite the door.

With a single worker: making cuts under the doors, the outcome would certainly be less aesthetic.

With various workers: Work will certainly start in various areas as well as advancement in features of the team’s progress. It ought to be kept in mind that whoever does the operation in the corridor ( slim location), will certainly advance quicker than anyone working a larger surface area.