Solar Panels Repower Schools, Support Health, Save Money, & Improve Education

By: GeraldJenkins

Schools need to save money and increase education that supports viable, society-helping job markets. Solar power can save schools money and help protect our health. It seems like a no-brainer.

Children are more affected by many toxins that adults. Focus follows as a product of good health. The quality of air everywhere affects asthma sufferers, or perhaps creates asthma sufferers. Greening of schools is a part and parcel of creating planetary health and better students. Thankfully, this is a dedicated labor of love for many, such as Monica Embrey, a Greenpeace Climate & Energy Campaigner based in Charlotte, North Carolina, who brought this video to CleanTechnica‘s attention:

Yes, children deserve to breathe clean air in school, and many schools are going solar, but we need a lot more to do so. Not only does this protect our fresh air and increase education about the importance of renewable energy, but it also stimulates students’ interest in the science and technology of many future jobs and career options in renewable energy.

The video highlights some of the voices of a campaign engaging North Carolina students involved in the transition. “It’s part of the coalition effort called Repower Our Schools to get Charlotte and Durham Public school systems in North Carolina powered by 100% renewable electricity.”

This is great to see. Hopefully it spreads fast to other cities, states, regions, and even countries. We need solar schools. Our children and grandchildren need solar schools.

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