Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

By: GeraldJenkins

Will make a large effect. There’s a cupboard design. Have a look at ten of the cabinet styles to determine which one will go best with the appearance of your cabin.


Cabinets that are Conventional feature more detail in the kind of designs or doorways. Colors vary from creams and whites, to tans, reds, and a vast assortment of wood hues. Recessed doors, the doors are set flush with the frame and where you will see the frame, are highly well known in conventional cabinet styles.


Shaker cabinets showcase layout that is clean, simple and functional. Characteristics of the cabinet style include doors like grey or white with paint colors wood finishes and railing frames. Shaker kitchen cabinets are a popular trend in the kitchens of today due to the casual and classic appearance they give from traditional to modern.


Cabinet styles reflect a mountain or country lifestyle through the use of cabinets that are large colours and a great deal of wood with detail and personality in the kind of knots and imperfections. As opposed to using glistening finishes cabinets could be left matte or rocky to accentuate the feel of the wood. Rubbed-brass or hardware may be used to match this cabinet design.


Contemporary cabinets feature surfaces, hardware that is simple and minimal ornamentation, giving your home a look. This cabinet style is a fantastic option for kitchens; no molding means cabinets provide storage and can be taller. Materials used in kitchen cabinets are concrete, like metal, plastic, manufactured or glass wood.


They can include an even more contemporary look, although slab cabinets go hand-in-hand with design that is modern. This cabinet style referred to is distinguished by its simple design and appeal. Slab cabinets are inexpensive because they require less material and labor to create, plus they are easy to clean as there are no nooks, crannies or corners for dust or clogs .


Meant to give off a cozy, classic and down-home vibe, country cabinets, such as conventional cabinet styles, often arrive in raised-panel, bead-board and other decorative variations (think glass, wire or tin). Wood is doors in colors such as light blue, mint green, butter yellow and cream, in addition to a popular option for country cabinets. Milk paint or techniques could be applied over paint to boost the country look.