Interior Design Schools in Georgia

By: GeraldJenkins

Interior design schools gradually began to see a rise in the number of applicants a few years ago as worldwide TV channels began to pay more attention to homes and the way in which they were designed and decorated. Consumer culture actually had a massive impact on this trend, but nobody expected the explosion in popularity that was to occur in the last two or three years. More companies are employing designers, public services and private facilities, while homeowners are employing experts rather than giving in to the call of DIY. As such, there are career options for designers out there but before you can start looking into that, you need to look into the best design programs in Georgia to attend instead!

The Best Of The South

Design programs are predominantly associated with northern cities, such as New York and Boston, as a result of the coverage they have received in the press and on various websites in recent years. However, that is not to say that southern states do not have their fair share of top schools. In fact, those in the southern states are often just as good as those in the north. With expansive schedules and fantastic classes that encompass all aspects of such practice, the best interior design schools in Georgia have given many successful designers the education they need to forge an illustrious career.

Georgia’s design schools are mainly located in Atlanta, the state capital. However, there are some of note elsewhere in the state. The information outlined below will give you a little information about the best interior design schools and courses available to you there so you will be able to begin your research on your options with a firm foundation.

Your School Options

All of the following schools offer degrees, diplomas and certifications, or a combination of the three, so there is something available for individuals regardless of their previous academic background. You just have to find the right starting place from the following:

  • American InterContinental University in Buckhead – The interior design programs at this particular school are of a more basic nature than those elsewhere but can give you a firm foundation to build on. The practical basic skills are taught in a hands on way so you are able to build your confidence and your portfolio at the same time. They offer courses in drafting, materials, color, lighting, building systems, detailing, residential design and commercial design, amongst others.
  • Bauder College in Atlanta – A career based school, this is amongst the best interior design schools in Georgia because all classes are designed around the premise that to learn you have to be taught the theory and put it into practice. With day and evening classes available, the flexible program is ideal for those working as well as full time students.
  • The Art Institute Of Atlanta – The ultimate in hands on degree courses can give you the best possible start in your interior design career and this is here to find it. The curriculum is honed to perfection and has been praised for its success rates so you can have absolute peace of mind if you enroll in this particular institution.
  • Westwood College in Atlanta – This is perhaps the best interior design school for a comprehensive degree program. In addition to the usual basic design principles, drawing and drafting elements, there are also classes on safety, interior construction, space planning and computer aided design amongst others. As such, there is little doubt that this is one of the best interior