Ideas for arranging the wall over a kitchen counter

By: GeraldJenkins

The wall above the kitchen worktop is exposed to moisture, steam and fat. Which finishing material should be found in this place: tiles, paint, brick, concrete, glass?

When the choice of kitchen furniture is already made, we start to consider what kind of material will be the best on the wall above the worktops. We should then think about a few things:

How to choose the material to which we will place the wall above the worktop for kitchen furniture – is glass splashback better that tiles or bricks?

The material that we put on the wall should be chosen according to the style in which we want to decorate the kitchen. If we care for a warm interior – it is worth choosing a brick, tiles, wood. If you dream of a loft climate, the ideal will be: glass backsplash, concrete, panel paint. In contrast, fans of decors and graphics can choose in interesting wall murals printed to the dimension of a specific wall.

The kitchen in which we want to build a representative atmosphere requires an elegant background, like granite or mosaic. An important thing when choosing the material for the wall is also the budget, which will determine whether we will reach for natural, slightly more expensive raw materials, or will we have to look for cheaper, but creative and effective solutions.

What colors to put on the kitchen wall?

As for the colors, we have full freedom. The most fashionable colors in kitchen trends are white, gray and black. Bright colors are more practical, it’s easier to keep them clean. Black in the form of tiles, mdf or glass splashback requires polishing almost after each cooking.

How to protect the wall over the worktop, making it easy to keep clean?

Deciding to paint the wall above the kitchen worktop (the cheapest finishing option), it is worth choosing a paint dedicated to this area: acrylic or ceramic, while arranging ceramic tiles or mosaics we bear a much larger cost of kitchen renovation. However, we can choose in a huge offer of ceramic producers, consider also that the glass kitchen splashbacks could work better if it comes to keeping it clean and tidy.

What is important to remember?

In addition to the two most popular ways to finish the wall in the kitchen, we can reach for original ideas and materials that work well in this role:

  • glass is very practical and easy to clean. In addition, it offers a wide range of arrangement options – from matt, decorated, for example, with a subtle decor, through varnished to a selected color, or even photo backpainted with UV resistant paint
  • brick requires protection: impregnation and varnishing (or painting with kitchen paint)
  • natural stone is the most expensive finishing option. We can use granite, marble and travertine (granite will be the most durable even without impregnation)
  • decorative concrete requires impregnation – it is recommended to double-coat the wall with an invisible impregnate.

Few interesting ideas and examples:

A simple form of white furniture allows a bit of madness on the walls. There is always good combination of white walls and the other ones covered with wood. The space above the working zone is protected by glass splashback.

You can also try to combine several styles into an eye-catching whole. You can definitely take from the Scandinavian and French inspirations, which match the white tiles (like from the old butcher’s shop) or white lacobel glass backsplash to vocer the spaces over the counters.

You have to remember that white brick (you can also use tiles imitating it or try the easy-to-clean glass version with bricks photography backprinted on backsplash) perfectly matches the modern and Scandinavian style kitchen.

A sheet of milk glass with imprint of overflowing water is a kind of decor of the kitchen space. In a modern kitchen, the decoration of the zone over the worktop comes to the fore.

The options are unlimited so feel free to inspire from what is available on the market in different countries.