How Does Steel Compare to Other Building Materials?

By: GeraldJenkins

One of the most important decisions to make when you want to build a new structure or expand an existing building for commercial or personal use, is the building material (or materials) to use. Over the years, steel continues to be one of the most popular building materials on the market.

There are a number of advantages that steel has that other building materials don’t offer. How does steel compare to other building materials? Let’s find out, shall we?

Strength & Durability

It is easy to see why steel is very popular as a building material when you look at its strength and durability. Steel offers much more strength than wood or composite. It is also considerably stronger than concrete when you take into account the weight of these two materials.

Specially designed steel beams can offer up to eight times the strength of conventional steel structures without a significant increase in weight. New technologies are making steel more flexible as a material, which is why even the largest structures now use steel as the main material of choice.

Ease of Use

Steel as a building material is very common and can be used with ease. There are some technical requirements to meet in order to process steel for a construction project, but there are also plenty of skilled steelworkers who can support your project.

Steel can be molded, pressed, welded, bent, and transformed into shape. It is a relatively flexible material that will fit different usage types perfectly. This flexibility is also why steel can account for up to 80% of all building materials used in a construction project.


We can’t talk about steel as a building material without talking about steel building kits. Do you need extra space to expand your manufacturing line? A complete structure can be erected in just a matter of days with the right steel building kit. This level of efficiency also makes the use of steel very environmentally friendly.

Also, many companies such as Armstrong Steel have made it possible to extend or add onto your original steel building kit – check out the website here, where you can design a steel building online and test out different add ons.


Cost is always a big factor to consider when planning a construction project, including when choosing material to use. Steel isn’t always the most affordable material on the market. Wood and plastic composite are often more affordable.

That said, steel is still cheaper in the long run. The extended durability means steel buildings can be used for longer with little to no maintenance. The long-term cost of going with steel as the building material of choice is much lower than that of other materials.


Last but certainly not least, steel compared to other materials is one of the most easily accessible building materials out there. It is even possible to buy directly from manufacturers these days. Buying direct allows you to save money while still getting quality products and superb support for your project.

As mentioned before, steel is a great material to use in commercial and private construction projects. Look into steel building kits and other options the next time you need a new structure.