Furniture Store Texas Richardson, Explains Living Room and Bedroom Furniture Cleaning Tips

By: GeraldJenkins

Decorating ones home totally depends upon ones taste and pocket. Buying modern contemporary furniture can not only maximize your re-investment but also saves your precious Dollars. But it requires some care and maintenance periodically.

Here through this article Plano Furniture Store suggests some tips on how to protect and care for your bedroom furnitureliving room furniture which helps to retain a long lasting finish, providing years of enjoyment to you.

  • Always use coaster pads / cloth to protect your furniture surface from beverages, dishes, vases or flower pots
  • Recommended to rotate accessories placed on furniture periodically, so they do not sit in the same spot all the time and left mark on your home furniture.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight cause fading to your furniture, so it is suggested to avoid it
  • Similarly extreme changes in temperature may cause di-shape of furniture, hence suggested to avoid placing it near heat radiators or air conditioning units.
  • immediately clean your furniture with a blotting cloth if something has spills over it, otherwise liquid has the tendency to damage the finish of your furniture when left over a long period.
  • Avoid dragging the objects placed over furniture surface as it may leads to a roughness over it.